Revel is an experimental lookbook following the format of a text adventure. It delves into the queer nightclub experience and explores it both on social and personal levels, especially in regards to the relationship between gender and gender expression.

Initially a week-long test written in Inform 7, it has since grown into a side project pulling from personal experience. I've rewritten the original test in TADS 3 and aim to have it finished by mid-summer of 2018 for release online.

> At some point in the night you lose track of who you've danced with and who you've kissed. Every time you find yourself alone for too long you do another lap of the club, looking for someone new, and it's not like you but you're pretty sure you drowned your usual personality in that fishbowl, filling all the empty places inside you with liquor.

> drink

> You tip the glass back a bit haphazardly, only to discover it's empty when an avalanche of ice hits you in the teeth. Things are starting to slant a bit sideways.

(Gods, but you're still lonely though. It's a familiar ache deep in your bones, beyond the reach of any drink. And that sense of wrongness still gnaws at you unforgivingly.)

> _