Devout is a sprawling fantasy action/adventure game, with puzzle platforming and light survival elements.  It centers around a young woman, Arja Koskinen, and her journey through a treacherous mountain range to save a long-imprisoned god. The gods tend to take things personally, however, and her good intentions see her thrown into a centuries-old divine conflict that threatens to destroy her home and family simply because it can. 

Faith and doubt play central roles as Arja struggles forward, first alone in a desolate land bent on killing her and then at the side of a god who is nothing like she expected — blind and weak, for one, but beyond that a creature of questionable malice who may very well be using her for his own dark motives. Combat and survival are, ultimately, secondary setdressing to the puzzle that is the moon god Tavaksi. Too much trust may very well lead Arja to ruin. Too little, and she'll find herself meeting a painful end by the wrath of a god. Or, perhaps, this is all just a trial to test her worthiness for a greater challenge than anything the mountains could ever offer.

Initially planned to enter preproduction in late 2016, Devout has been shelved temporarily to focus on Southbound.