City of Thebes is a multiplayer race of thievery through ancient Egypt developed at the College for Creative Studies, and presented at the 2017 CCS Student Exhibition Opening. The game was built in Unreal Engine 4, and programmed in Blueprint by myself and two programmers I taught from scratch during the development process.

I worked as the Technical Lead on the project, working alongside Art Director Jess South.


  • Programming all major game systems
  • Creating editor toolset
  • Writing and maintaining artist-usable documentation
  • Creating and enforcing code style guide
  • Leading code reviews
  • Mentoring younger programmers
  • Pre-production and initial design
  • Managing source control
  • Bug tracking and debugging
  • Centralizing studio communication
  • Scheduling all technical deadlines
  • Technical support for studio


Working with new programmers and artists unused to engine-side development made clear, thorough documentation critical to streamlining development and avoiding broken builds.

The documentation can be viewed on GitHub, and sample Blueprints on BlueprintUE.

Style guide excerpt

Blueprint documentation


Editor Tools & Construction Scripts

The nature of such a small team meant that there wasn't much time for non-critical code, but when I could find a few spare moments here and there I worked on writing editor tools to make the set-dressers' lives easier and speed up development.

These primarily consisted of procedural asset building and placement aids, along with the requisite documentation and short videos demonstrating how to use them.


The City of Thebes team  

(Clockwise from right):  

Erika Rohall — Initial Concept, Assets, Lighting
Jordan Morehouse — Technical Lead
Natalie Truman — Concept Artist, Assets
Adam McQueen — Greyboxing Lead, Tech, Assets
Jason Briney — Director
Jess South — Art Director, Level Design, Rigger
Austin Schultz — Assets
Alex Whitbeck — Assets
Brandon Gutowski — Character Sculptor, Assets

Cole Winningham — L2 Greybox, Assets
Ben LePage — L3 Greybox, Creature Sculptor, Assets
Alexis Whitter — L1 Greybox, Assets
Ash Kuehn — Lighting Lead, Setdresser
Mike Pezok (Not Pictured) — Rigger
Murphy Allen (Not Pictured) — Character Animator
Zack Walter (Not Pictured) — Composer, SFX
Rob Roberson (Not Pictured) — Assets